Intern Training Programs: what are your options?

intern training program options

I was recently shocked to realise that there are now 6 (yes, six!) intern training programs to choose from all with different offerings and costs.

Do we not have enough choice in our lives already?

How do you even cope with this level of decision making?

Is it not enough that you’ve found A JOB and managed to navigate the process of applying to AHPRA for provisional registration?!

Back in my day when I was an Intern Pharmacist, there was only one Intern Training Program (ITP) available – everyone completed the PSA’s ITP.

Just to clarify: I am still very much an Early Career Pharmacist.

Early Career Pharmacist: a registered pharmacist within 10 years of initial registration. 

In an effort to make your life a little easier we’ve put together a comparison of the ITPs on offer.Continue Reading →