Just Google It: Why You Need to Embrace Google Business

why pharmacy needs google my business

A funny thing happened over the weekend.

I was on holidays with my family in a picturesque coastal town.

On Friday I started to feel the first symptoms of what I thought might be a cold sore.

By Friday night I was sure it was a cold sore. But, damn it, my travel toiletry kit didn’t have any famciclovir. Being Good Friday I knew the local pharmacy would be closed.

Saturday morning I checked the time that the local pharmacy opened. How did I check? Google of course. For me, Google is now a synonymous term for internet search. What do I do if I want to find something out? Google it.

Google told me the pharmacy would be open at 8 am.

About 8:45 I walked down to the local shops to pick up a coffee and some famciclovir.

But when I got there? The pharmacy was shut.

There was a sign taped to the front of the store with the Easter weekend trading hours. The pharmacy wasn’t going to be open until 9 am. Luckily, I didn’t mind a mini holiday away from my children while I waited for the pharmacy to open.

But why couldn’t I have found this out before I left home?

How often do you look up the details of a business on Google? I’d say roughly 3-4 times a week and that would be conservative.

Customers and patients should be at the forefront of every decision we make in the pharmacy.

If your potential customers can’t find out when you’re open from a simple Google search you’re not fulfilling that aim.

What if a patient needs to get an emergency script filled last minute but you’ve closed earlier than usual because of the public holiday? No-one wants to be CVS in the Sarah Hyland debacle.

What can you do? I suggest you do a mini audit of your pharmacy’s online profile:

  1. Do you own the Google listing for your business? –> Google My Business
  2. Are the details correct? Are there some photos? Do you want to add more?
  3. Does it link to your pharmacy’s website? (Don’t have one? That’s a story for another day.)
  4. Nominate someone to update the Google listing for public holidays etc.
  5. What else might you need to update? Website, social media platforms etc.

Even if you’re not the owner or manager I’d encourage you to speak up if this isn’t being addressed. Leadership doesn’t have to come from the top down.

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