Just Google It: Why You Need to Embrace Google Business

why pharmacy needs google my business

A funny thing happened over the weekend.

I was on holidays with my family in a picturesque coastal town.

On Friday I started to feel the first symptoms of what I thought might be a cold sore.

By Friday night I was sure it was a cold sore. But, damn it, my travel toiletry kit didn’t have any famciclovir. Being Good Friday I knew the local pharmacy would be closed.

Saturday morning I checked the time that the local pharmacy opened. How did I check? Google of course. For me, Google is now a synonymous term for internet search. What do I do if I want to find something out? Google it.

Google told me the pharmacy would be open at 8 am.

About 8:45 I walked down to the local shops to pick up a coffee and some famciclovir.

But when I got there? The pharmacy was shut.

There was a sign taped to the front of the store with the Easter weekend trading hours. The pharmacy wasn’t going to be open until 9 am. Luckily, I didn’t mind a mini holiday away from my children while I waited for the pharmacy to open.

But why couldn’t I have found this out before I left home?

How often do you look up the details of a business on Google? I’d say roughly 3-4 times a week and that would be conservative.

Customers and patients should be at the forefront of every decision we make in the pharmacy.

If your potential customers can’t find out when you’re open from a simple Google search you’re not fulfilling that aim.

What if a patient needs to get an emergency script filled last minute but you’ve closed earlier than usual because of the public holiday? No-one wants to be CVS in the Sarah Hyland debacle.

What can you do? I suggest you do a mini audit of your pharmacy’s online profile:

  1. Do you own the Google listing for your business? –> Google My Business
  2. Are the details correct? Are there some photos? Do you want to add more?
  3. Does it link to your pharmacy’s website? (Don’t have one? That’s a story for another day.)
  4. Nominate someone to update the Google listing for public holidays etc.
  5. What else might you need to update? Website, social media platforms etc.

Even if you’re not the owner or manager I’d encourage you to speak up if this isn’t being addressed. Leadership doesn’t have to come from the top down.

Pharmacist Immunisation: Which Vaccine? Which State?

pharmacist immunisation by state

Back in the day, you were registered in one state. Great. You would have been tested on that state’s laws as well as the overarching Commonwealth laws.

Then in 2010 we all became nationally registered overnight. Which made things a little bit confusing.

Then each state passed their own laws to allow pharmacists to immunise – which lead us to the situation we’re in now. If you’re in the ACT you can administer influenza AND whooping cough vaccines, but cross the border into NSW and it’s influenza only.

So what vaccines can you administer in each state and what are the requirements for being a pharmacist immuniser?

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Careers in Pharmacy: Out of the Box Options

careers in pharmacy

You’ve got your degree.  Check.

You’ve completed your internship. Check.

You’ve got yourself registered. Check.

And now you’ve got yourself a job that you go to day in and day out. Or more likely you go to that job on the weekends and at night because let’s be honest getting a steady 9-5 Monday to Friday job in community pharmacy is like pulling hen’s teeth. Cheers to those in hospital pharmacy – you’ve got it made.

And you’re left feeling…unsatisfied. Jaded. Is this all there is?

While your friends from school work their way up their respective career ladders you’re left wondering where to now? Do you just see out your days working in community or hospital pharmacy? Or are there alternative careers for pharmacists?

Ready to take a career leap? Here are some options you might not have considered.

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How to Survive Your Intern Year

how to survive your intern year

It happened about halfway through my intern year.

I’d stayed up til 2am finishing an assignment and set the alarm on my phone to get up in time for work in the morning.

Next thing I knew I woke up to the sound of the doorbell going off non stop in my unit.

It was 11:30, my alarm hadn’t gone off and my mum had turned up to find me.

Slightly embarrassing.

The reason I didn’t wake up? My phone had died during the night. That alarm I set on my phone never went off.

I laugh about it now but at the time I was pretty red-faced.

There’s no denying the intern year is tough. Not only are you in what is probably your first full-time job, you’re also studying on top of that. You might also be trying to manage workplace politics and finding your feet as a professional.

So what can you do to manage the stress of the year?

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What it Means to be an Early Career Pharmacist

Early career pharmacist

If you’ve ever questioned where your career can take you, this is for you.

If you’re an intern, this article is for you.

If you’re a student, this article is for you.

Because honestly, your career is what YOU make of it. Yes, we all have a B.Pharm or M.Pharm but that doesn’t mean your only choice is Community Pharmacy or Hospital Pharmacy.

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Intern Training Programs: what are your options?

intern training program options

I was recently shocked to realise that there are now 6 (yes, six!) intern training programs to choose from all with different offerings and costs.

Do we not have enough choice in our lives already?

How do you even cope with this level of decision making?

Is it not enough that you’ve found A JOB and managed to navigate the process of applying to AHPRA for provisional registration?!

Back in my day when I was an Intern Pharmacist, there was only one Intern Training Program (ITP) available – everyone completed the PSA’s ITP.

Just to clarify: I am still very much an Early Career Pharmacist.

Early Career Pharmacist: a registered pharmacist within 10 years of initial registration. 

In an effort to make your life a little easier we’ve put together a comparison of the ITPs on offer.Continue Reading →

Pharmacist in Profile: Elise Apolloni

PIP Elise Apolloni

Where to start with Elsie Apolloni? I honestly felt tired just reading through her LinkedIn profile.

Managing partner at Capital Chemist Wanniassa; member of both the PGA and PSA ACT Branch Committees; the only pharmacist member of the ACT Health and Capital Health Network; Lifeline support worker; Pharmacists’ Support Service support worker; not to mention the numerous post-graduate qualifications she’s completed.

She scooped three awards at the 2017 ACT Telstra Business Woman Awards:

  • 2017 Telstra ACT Business Woman of the Year
  • 2017 Telstra ACT Business Women’s Entrepreneur Award winner
  • 2017 Telstra ACT Young Business Woman of the Year

And to top it all off she was named the National 2017 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year!

If you’ve had the chance to hear her speak or interact with her you’ll know that her positivity and passion for the pharmacy industry is infectious.

She sat down on our virtual couch in an honest and open interview about how past events have shaped her career and her advice for other pharmacists.Continue Reading →

Maternity Leave: How to Manage Your Registration

Maernity leave registration pharmacists

Not going near the cytotoxics because you’ve got a bun in the oven?

Having a baby is a steep learning curve and that’s before you even get to hold that precious bundle.

You’ve got a million things to do, appointments to make and you can’t eat anything that you desperately want to. Oh and make sure you add navigating Centrelink and the Paid Parental Leave application to your ever-growing to-do list to match your ever-growing stomach.

But what do you do with your AHPRA registration while you’re on maternity leave?

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