Pharmacists CPD: 6 reasons to invest in your career

Pharmacists CPD invest career

Continuing professional development (CPD) has a way of striking dread into the hearts of pharmacists.

It’s that thing in the back of your mind when you turn up for work on Monday morning, when you’re cooking dinner on Friday night and when you’re lying in bed checking Facebook.

You smashed out your learning plan back in September with plans that this year would be different. But suddenly it’s June, you’ve got hardly any CPD credits and you’re scrambling to get the rest done before 30 September.

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Pharmacist in Profile: Sabrine Elkhodr

Pharmacist in Profile Sabrine Elkhodr Pharmacist Entrepreneur

Pharmacist entrepreneur Sabrine Elkhodr, is something of a power house. In what many would consider to still be a very ‘young’ career her resume is varied and impressive. She’s completed a Masters of Philosophy, founded PharmHack, and worked with organisations like Beyond Blue and the Australian Department of Health amongst other non-pharmacy related start-ups.

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The real benefits of attending events in person

In this digital age where 80% of work is done online, it’s easy to get caught up in cyberspace and lose site of the benefits of attending events in person.

There’s a myriad of virtual meetings and seminars available these days making it easier for people to attend without having to take time off work as well as cut down on travel expenses if you’re not in a major city. But what’s lost when this happens is the personal interaction that can only come from being in the same room as others.Continue Reading →

How to shine at a conference – your conference checklist!

Conference checklist

Do you have your conference checklist? Are you ready to network and shine in front of your peers?  Depending on what stage of career you’re at this may be your first conference or one of many.  There is an expectation from companies that send you to conferences that you will be on your best behaviour. If you’re going on your own dollar you definitely want to make the most of it!

Here is our conference checklist on how to SHINE.

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The value of personal and professional development.

Professional development

Personal and professional development is a part of our lives that’s so often overlook. Once we graduate university and get a job (yay!), we tend to think that’s it, my study life is done, now to get on with my life. I know I certainly did.

But we fail to realise the importance of both personal and professional development. Even if you’re happy in your job and not looking to leave there are so any reasons why we need to continue to learn. Continue Reading →