About Us

What is The Pharmacist Collective?

The Pharmacist Collective is a website dedicated to providing Australian pharmacists across the industry information and resources to assist them to complete their continuing professional development obligations.

The Pharmacist Collective was founded to pair pharmacists with organisations offering continuing professional development courses, conferences and online learning.

Our vision is to encourage pharmacists to engage with life long learning.

Who is behind The Pharmacist Collective?

Elsa Hietbrink


Elsa Hietbrink, Founder The Pharmacist Collective

Elsa holds a Bachelor of Pharmacey (Hons Class I) from Sydney University and is a registered pharmacist. Elsa's honours research Australian caregivers' management of childhood ailments  was published in the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

Elsa has experience working in community pharmacy and government.

Whilst on maternity leave Elsa became frustrated after spending hours searching various websites trying to find out what CPD activities where on that would suit her learning needs. Elsa founded The Pharmacist Collective to simplify the process for pharmacists looking for CPD activities.

Elsa is also passionate about helping pharmacists discover how powerful their degrees really are and what opportunities exist for them outside of the traditional roles of community and hospital pharmacy.

In her spare time Elsa can be found running after her two young children.